I would just like to extend my immeasurable thanks to the great people who supported me, gave their all and helped me throughout this campaign and beyond – there are far too many people to list here, but I am certain you all know who you are, and you all have my deepest respect and thanks for all you have done.

I am proud to say that we accomplished a great many things, and ultimately we took a genuine grassroots campaign that was not funded by a political party war-chest, developer donations or simply enormous spending from a bottomless pit … all the way to the top.

We succeeded in polling higher than any of the other candidates’ challenging the mayor, both in this election or at the last one as well.

We succeeded in delivering greater awareness and provoking intense thought and discussion amongst the community here on the Gold Coast and beyond. Perhaps more importantly, we set a precedent for what can be achieved, on this – just one small step forward in a long journey to a better Gold Coast.

I will continue to be an advocate for the Gold Coast and for the community I love and know, I will continue to speak up when it is needed and I want every Gold Coaster to know – I am here for the long haul and here for you all!

Please follow my FACEBOOK page and I hope to see you all again soon.

Thank you!